Add Bold Antler Chandeliers to Your Décor

Turn to us for custom, hand-crafted work

When it comes to lighting the rooms of your home, don’t purchase a generic piece that can be found in dozens of homes around town. Your home deserves lighting that adds to your rustic, natural style. For beautiful, hand-crafted antler chandeliers, choose Rocky Mountain Antler Company.

Your antler chandelier will be created with just two hands – those of our owner, Jason Burtness. Discuss your vision with him today, and he’ll start building your chandelier using only the finest naturally shed antlers. Each piece comes with unique, natural markings and textures. No two customers will end up with exactly the same piece.

<center>Aspen High Elk Chandelier</center>

This classic round chandelier can be a statement piece for any room. It’s designed for high and vaulted ceilings. Purchase this chandelier for your living room or foyer.

<center>Yellowstone Elk Chandelier</center>

This classic round chandelier is designed to accommodate lower ceilings.

<center>Star Elk Chandelier</center>

The antlers that fork out from the middle of this chandelier make it a great statement piece. Add it as a centerpiece for any room.

<center>Long Ridge Elk Chandelier</center>

This elongated chandelier looks great in dining rooms or above kitchen islands. It can also come with downlights.

<center>Timber Elk Chandelier</center>

The antlers on this chandelier are inverted. It’s artful and whimsical, and it looks great in any room you can visualize it in.

<center>Wild Ridge Deer Chandelier</center>

This chandelier is the perfect accent piece for any space you can imagine it in. It’s also available with downlights.

<center>Long Ridge Deer Chandelier</center>

The elongated style of this chandelier will look great over dining tables, kitchen tables, bars and pool tables. Ask about our downlight option.

<center>Dakota Whitetail Deer Chandelier</center>

This chandelier is a great piece to complete the look of any room. It’s available with downlights.

<center>Yukon Moose Chandelier</center>

Moose antlers make an impressive statement and add a bold look to any room.

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for an antler chandelier that’s not just a light source, but a piece of art.